5 Reasons Why You Should Say “Yes” To A Maternity Photoshoot.

I want to start by reminding you that you’re all beautiful!! Don’t ever forget or doubt your beauty, and especially while creating a life.

A special note to those pregnant mamas or anyone who has ever felt insecure during their pregnancy..

You’re creating a new life!! You womb is baking the most beautiful thing. The glowing beauty every pregnant mama has. No matter what age, you should celebrate your journey towards motherhood. The beautiful thing about pregnancy is EVERYONE CARRIES DIFFERENTLY. Don’t compare yourself to others. You’re unique and beautiful in your own way. I have to admit that, because of my own insecurities I waited too long to book my maternity photoshoot. I was carrying so small that I constantly thought I just looked “fat”. My son Nicholas arrived the same day we had our maternity photoshoot scheduled.


1: TIME: I understand we’re going at 100 miles per hour, and tend to forget time. At around 20 weeks I would schedule your maternity session. Set a reminder on your phone to book your maternity session. I recommend scheduling your maternity session between 30-36 weeks. Time sneaks up and before you know it you lost track and didn’t book your maternity session. Don’t stress and book a last minute session. Take your time and search for a professional photographer who has a style that you absolutely love. When you love a style it’ll be easier to justify your investment.

Alycia in one of the many client wardrobe dresses I offer.

2: INVESTMENT: Let’s be honest professional services will always cost more than an amateur. You’ll get what you pay for.  Having any type of portrait session whether is an investment. A common thing I hear is “it’s too expensive”. Guess what? Yes, any type of photography session can be expensive, and that’s why it’s an investment. This is a type of luxury that we budget for. If you really want it you’ll find the way. Don’t miss out on these special moments you can’t ever get back. Approach that photographer you fell in love with, and ask them if they offers a payment plan. Find ways to come up with the money. Have a yard sale, add it to your baby registry, or set a plan to save $50 weekly. By just saving $50 weekly within 3-4 months you’ll have more than enough to invest in a great photographer. Find ways to cut things out that you don’t NEED but WANT. For example that $5 Starbucks trip a few times a week will quickly add up. If you’re able to justify eating out, the target run, or coffee/tea run every morning. Then you can justify investing your money into a maternity photography session. When you invest in quality photography portraits you’re investing in something that will have a lifetime of value.



3: CELEBRATION: That’s right we’re CELEBRATING that bundle of joy. You’re celebrating how your love with your partner is evolving.You’re evolving as a whole, and nothing better than to celebrate that. Capturing this beautiful moments in your life. This is a perfect time to celebrate your upcoming newborn. It also creates a wonderful bond between everyone involved in the photoshoot. If it’s just the two of you celebrating you journey to becoming first time parents, or siblings excited to be a big brother/sister.



4: SELF CONFIDENCE: A maternity photoshoot session is a great way for you to see how others see you. As a beautiful soul creating life!! Pregnancy isn’t a breeze. It can get hard at times with all sorts of complications that are just scary. If you’re pregnant now you’re well aware of it. Some women’s bodies just take a drastic change causing them to feel insecure and self conscious. This would be a perfect thing to cheer them with up. Professional photographers know the right angles and posing to use. The right prompts to get you comfortable to let your wall down, and show that authentic smile. You’ll get glammed up, pampered, and then enjoy yourself by celebrating your pregnancy.



5: MEMORIES: One of the comments I got was “My memory fades, and I want to be able to remember how I looked every pregnancy”. This isn’t only for you but for generations to come. These portraits are for the upcoming generations to be able to see how the family as evolved. I can sadly say my mother has maybe 2 pictures of herself pregnant with me. Which honestly makes me really sad, because I think it’d be cool to have that. A maternity session is a long lasting memory to be passed down.



Are you in the Island of O’ahu or neighboring Islands and ready to book?



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