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Okay is this NOT the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? Have some jungle dreams come true!! Kawela Bay is located on the North Side of Oahu. It’s a great location if you’re to avoid the beach, or wanted some diversity. I instantly think of all the lush green Oahu has to offer.
My only downside about this location is the mosquitoes. I mean we are in the “jungle” so it’s expected. Making sure to bring repellent is a MUST lol. Oahu has such beautiful Banyan trees which adds to the magic. The sun flares you get here are so amazing, and unbelievable.
The fun part about Kawela Bay is that just a quick walk down is the beautiful beach. Overall it’s an amazing location to have a little of both worlds. I recommend this location for family, couples, and motherhood sessions. Also a great location for elopements, and intimate weddings.
I actually did a motherhood film here along with the session. By far one of my favorite locations for best of both worlds.

Fuestes Motherhood Film from leslie carbajal on Vimeo.

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