I’ve Booked With Leslie Carbajal Photography – Hawaii Family Photographer

5 Things Hawaii Family Photographer Leslie Carbajal Wants You To Know!


1- So first thing first! Thank you for trusting me with your session. So are we Instagram friends? Do you follow my Facebook page? Want to be my Facebook friend? Add me 🤗. I really love to befriend my clients. This allows you to get to know me, and I get to know you. This builds trust, and makes me more than just a stranger you’re trusting with your special moments.

2- Overwhelmed with wardrobe? Did you know if you give me a budget, and color scheme I can put outfits together for you? shoot me a message if you want my help. Here are 5 quick styling tips while you wait for my welcome magazine.


3- Did you tell me anything and everything I need to know? Medical things I should be aware of? Surprises happening?
Ex: Don’t forget to tell me you don’t want the kids to get wet, but we picked a beach location for your session.


4- Did you tell your spouse about about my approach?
I really can’t stress this enough to let your significant other know the 411. Let them in that I don’t the cheesy smiles, but just to be themselves.

Don’t make this sound like a task, but a fun family time. My best sessions have been where everyone is aware of all the loving they can do.

We’re here to tickle, hug, kiss, laugh and most importantly love + have fun!

5- Want to know me a little better? Want to know what you can bring me to our session?  LOL Here are 10 random facts about me

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