Hawaii Family Photographer’s 8 Tips To Survive a Family Portrait Session

1. FUN FOR THE KIDS: Bring a favorite toy(s) for when it’s time to take the parent pictures. This can also be used if the child needs a break, and needs something to comfort them.

2. CHANGE OF CLOTHES: Have towels, and spare clothing if you’re open to being adventurous. This could be ending in the water or getting a little messy for the perfect shot. Especially if your location has water. It will be hard to keep the kids out of the water.

3. LET THE KIDS BE: Don’t fret if they’re fussy you can take a quick time out, or follow their lead. The children are really the boss of the session. Drop your expectations and truly embrace the moment. Some of my favorite moments captures has been parent’s being .. well parents. What your true day to day family is really like.

4. FOOD: Bringing snacks for the family. Save them for during or after the shoot. Please bring non messy food. Ex: Dried Fruit, Cheese, Fruit Snacks etc.

5. PREP YOUR SPOUSE: That’s right they need prepping too lol! I know not everyone likes to have their pictures taken. Now imagine going in blind to location or expectations? Don’t tell them a day or a week before. Tell them ASAP! Let them know how much this means to you, how to participate, and let them know you appreciate the effort. Hey offer them a bribe prize as well haha.

6. PREP THE KIDS: Explain to them what’s going on. Make taking pictures a fun adventure with a prize at the end. Let them in on the process so they’re aware.

7. WARDROBE: No neon or large logos. I’m here to help you style for your session. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help. In fact I encourage you to send me (or your photographer) pictures of your outfits to make sure it wont blend in with the background etc.

8.Bring some bug spray!


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