Hawaii Family Photographer; Tovas Family

Meet the Toves family! The weather was not on our side. We had to reschedule not once, or twice, but three times! Third times a charm, right? Haha the weather was finally on our side (slightly). But we were able to finally capture their story.

I promise this The Lanai Lookout in Honolulu, Hawaii is overall AMAZING. Sunrise or sunset the location and lighting is gorgeous.

The Lanai gives you such an out of this world experience. If you’re not afraid of a small hike this is a great location for a family, couples or engagement portrait session. (Don’t want to hike it? Just drop by and maybe you’ll be lucky to spot some of the whales during whale season!)

When I learned Antonio was an avid rock climber I was waiting to see if he would explore The Lanai. It was only a matter of time when he was checking out the rocks and showing Vincent how to grasp on to the rocks.

Like I said the weather was kind of on our side, and the kids were getting a little restless so we decided to drive down the road for a second location. We drove down to what some people on the island call Eternity Beach, Halona Beach Cove, or Cockroach Beach. Lol

Anyways, we finally let the kid just do their thing on the beach, and it was time for one of my favorite parts… It was time to capture the connection Samantha + Antonio connection. They are the root of Vincent and Stella.

Now would you believe me if I told you I had both kids next to me watching (or attempting) Elmo while I’m telling Samantha and Antonio to get into the moment? Haha I mean would it be real life if I said it was all perfect, and nothing out the ordinary happened?

Antonio was so excited to get crashed by some waves. He was excited to end their session in the water. The anticipation of just knowing the water was coming up had Samantha in cheer laughter.

How perfect are these two? Here is some more images of this amazing family portrait session in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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