Hawaii Family Photographer – Briee Plus Her Tribe Of 3

I need to just start off by saying this mama is someone I totally admire. Her husband has been deployed for almost a year, and I was so eager to capture her bond with this motherhood session. This paradise which is the island of Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii means nothing when you’re missing your anchor.

Her boys love the outdoors, exploring and of course the beach. I made sure to pick somewhere they could explore, and have fun at the same time.

We went over to a beach near Makapuu Trail Lighthouse. Boy let me tell you her oldest Brayden was full of energy. I really could tell he needed to explore and unwind for a little.

I tend to start my family portrait sessions snuggling up to get my families loose, and comfortable. This was just not going to work out for them (and that’s okay). I left Brayden last to get some individual snuggles with his mama. The timing was perfect, and it was exactly what they both needed. A moment to tune out the world and connect with her first born.

Luca was the sweetest with Briee. I quickly picked up how affectionate he is. I watched where he placed his hands when hugging Briee or how he looked at her. These are some of my favorite pictures of them two. He really just melted into his mom’s arms.

Now would you believe me if I told you Sebastian skipped a nap, and was super cranky? Lol we knew our time with him was limited before he was done. But you know what? That’s part of motherhood. Real life moments!! He was most contempt when he was guzzling down his mama’s golden milk.


Briee is tiny but mighty! She scooped both her boys up and loved them. They both needed her, and she was their to wrap her arms around them.

It was even more magical being able to capture her breastfeeding bond with both her boys. The tribe of four is soon to be back to a tribe of five. I couldn’t be happier for this family to get their solider back. I leave you with more of her magical motherhood portrait session.


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