Okay, I have to start out by saying this family maternity session was fire!! The love and chemistry Valentina and Mikey have for each other is very noticeable.

I met them when she was about 2 months pregnant I think? Fast forward a few weeks later we were all at the same bbq. Which let me tell you guys it was the most awkward bbq of my life LOL. Being a Latina you learn to greet everyone, and make them feel welcomed. Well you could hear the awkward silence throughout the beach hahaha. Sometimes you bond over awkward things, and well we did just that.. We ended up leaving and inviting them back to our house, and the rest was history!

We found out they like karaoke, and it’s been hilarious doing karaoke with the kids. We jammed to frozen on 4th of July LOL. We’re both big Disney fans, and actually hoping to head to Tokyo Disneyland next year! How exciting is that?!

Anyways, I know some mamas struggle with their appearance during their pregnancy. Which is why I LOVE doing maternity sessions. It really allows me to capture you how we see you. A beautiful and radiant mama to be. Valentina is no exception, and while she told me she was nervous for our shoot she was stunning. Valentina wanted a location that had different elements. She didn’t want JUST beach, and Halona beach was perfect for them. Just look at these beautiful lava rocks!!

Maternity shoot on the beach in Hawaii. Elegant maternity pictures in Hawaii.

She came over a few days prior to try on dresses. She fell in love with this gorgeous Chicaboo dresses from my client closet. Valentina was so funny because when it came to Mikey and Allilah’s outfits she almost went with something I totally would suggest NOT to do. I remember her telling me she told her husband “We’ll just buy this Hawaiian shirt and not tell Leslie until we’re there” LOL. I’m very happy they found another shirt or Mikey would have been shirtless the whole time jk! Ha
Family maternity session at the beach in Honolulu. Maternity family photos in Oahu.
She was very set on having her dress thrown, and how beautiful this is image come out? Ahh I love all the movement in it.

Maternity session with the dress toss in Hawaii. Hawaii maternity shoot at the beach.

We had a dress change to another one of my client dresses. The white fit so perfectly with the blue ocean, and the lava rocks. Now to some of my favorite moments. Mom and dad time!! I really enjoy these, because I feel like we tend to always have a lot of pictures with the kids. But we tend to forget on the way to have images of the main love story. Without these two Allilah wouldn’t be here, nor their little one on the way.

I’ll leave you with some fire images from their session. Tell me what you think?


Maternity family pictures at the beach in Hawaii. Mom holding toddler while pregnant. Family playing at the beach in hawaii. Pregnant mom in the ocean. A child holding moms pregnant belly at the beach. Mommy and me at the beach in Hawaii. Black and white maternity pictures in Hawaii. Holding and kissing pregnant belly at the beach. A couple at the beach for maternity shoot in Oahu. Husband and pregnant wife kissing in the beach in Hawaii.

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