As promised as our vacation gets closer I may or may not talk a little more Disney LOL. And what a perfect family to blog about.
Cindy contacted new a few months before coming to Hawaii. I was super excited to photograph her family. As many of you know I love following my clients. I always say you’re essentially meeting a stranger off the internet to capture your intimate moments. I don’t know about you guys, but that could be pretty nerve wrecking. So I try my best to befriend my clients so we can shake the nerves pretty quick. We had about 3 months to get to know each other, and I just loved all the things she posted with the kids.
Anyways, let’s talk about this super cute family. The whole dynamic of this family is absolutely beautiful. They were really great with just loving each other. I can’t say enough good things of the kids even little baby Jack Jack. Every time I think of his name I think of the Incredibles lol! Lola and Hazel were just so sweet with their mama. Some of my favorite moments were totally purely out of their own actions. The way they just held their mama melted my heart. At one moment I had told the kids to hug mom so tight, and it was hilarious, because they we’re trying to bring her down lol!! Poor Cindy just burst out laughing because the girls we’re just taking her down.
Family hugging, and holding hands at Kahana Bay. Family hugging at the beach in Hawaii.
Will… Will was just down for some laughs. When Cindy saw her images she said “I could hear Will laughing”.Little boy at the beach in Hawaii. Dad tickling son and making him laugh.
Also, let’s not forget about Jake. I think a lot of my dads don’t get recognition, but Jake was so sweet with his kids. I vividly remember him telling one of the girls “Next time a man is on his knees for is to ask to marry you” Did that not melt you?! Jake was really awesome with all his kids. You could totally tell Jake is the one who gets the kids going lol I think that’s just a dad thing? My husband can definitely get Nicholas into crazy, fun, and loud mode. He made sure to have a special moment with all the children in their own way. I really love when BOTH parents can embrace their children in a deep way.
Dad on the beach with his children in Hawaii. Kids at the beach in Honolulu.
Did I mention the Frazier family is a huge Disney fans? Of course they were staying at the Aulani, and we happened to figure out we’re going to Disney at the same time!! It only gets better … I’ll be doing a couples session with them. I’ve always wanted to do a session at Disney, and I’m glad my first family will Cindy + Jake.  They’re so in love with each other… and Disney lol!! We almost didn’t get out the Disney rabbit whole to start thee session ha! But enjoy this beautiful Sunrise session at Kahana Bay.
PS- Don’t ever be surprised if you just see Cindy and I on a all girls trip to Disneyland… haha
The way Cindy and Jake embraced their children, and love each other really shinned through their session. So please enjoy this beautiful family.
Mom with children at beach. Mom with her eyes closed and hair blowing at Kahana Bay. Couple hugging and kissing at Kahana Bay. Engagement pictures in Hawaii.Family laying down, and hugging at the beach. Mom holding baby boy with a bonnet at the beach. Family walking in Kanana Bay. Family baby wearing on the beach in Hawaii.

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