Courageous Heart In The Hawaiian Paradise

Courage (noun): The ability to do something that frightens one.

Anytime you do something out of your comfort zone you’re being courageous. Facing things that cause us fear .. that’s being courageous. This workshop allowed myself to step outside my normal comfort zone.  I absolutely love learning, and being able to be learn from two women I absolutely look up to was amazing.


Stormy Solis (Stormy Solis Photography), and Sarah Cornship (My Four Hens Photography) we’re beyond what I expected. They were the two most down to earth people I have met in this industry. I can truly say I walked away with valuable information, and what I’m hoping a life long friendship . These two women have such a different style, but the final product is nothing but amazing. They really gave me everything I wanted and needed. They passed on the knowledge, tools, and tips I really needed to take my photography to the next level.


Stormy Solis taught me that’s it’s okay to give a family some space. We have to remember we’re telling their story not ours. So letting go of what we’re expecting to get out of a portrait session, and really embracing our families story.


Sarah Cornish taught me to not be afraid to get into my families personal bubble. To get in there to get those intimate moments, and try different angles. How no matter where we stand we could capture something amazing.

Overall I came out of this workshop feeling so confident in myself. I was so eager to use everything they passed on to me. These family portrait sessions were taken around different parts of Oahu. Honolulu well Hawaii is full of different locations to create magic. The images below were taken, and edited by me. They were however styled by Stormy Solis, and Sarah Cornish. I would never think that courage was all I needed. The courage to try something that I had never done before.


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