Cesar + Jocelyn Sunset Couples Session | Bellows Beach, Hawaii | Hawaii Couples Photographer

I was so excited when these two finally decided they want a session with me. Cesar had just came back from a year long tour, and I thought this was a perfect way to celebrate. To celebrate their love by doing a couples photography session in Hawaii.
The kicker was neither has actually ever had a professional couples session before. I was so excited to work with them. I knew Cesar was more on the reserved side. I could tell when He was getting uncomfortable, and I quickly was able to snap him out of it lol!!
They seriously radiated so much love during their session. Jocelyn has 3 outfit changes, and they were all part of my client wardrobe (well minus her bathing suit haha) ! She first wore a Wren & Ivory brown floral dress, then she changed into this beautiful burgundy maxi dress, and we finished with a yellow bathing suit with a Fillyboo dress as a cover up. Her outfit choices really fit the location, and intimate but fun mood. I feel like we had rich, bold, and moody colors all under on session. That’s why I enjoy locations like Bellows Beach that gives such diversity. I think my favorite outfit was when they were in their swimwear portion of their couples session. They got down in the sand for some fun.


Sunset was those beautiful cotton candy clouds. It was such a fun, and adventurous photography session. Oahu has such beautiful places for a couples session, but Bellows Beach was a perfect place for them.



Bellows is located on the East side of Oahu, and it gives you different scenery. From the mountains, to rocks, and that beautiful blue beach. If you want to capture a little bit of everything for your couples photography sess
ion Bellows is a perfect location. Being a couples photographer in Hawaii is so much fun!!


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