April Goals



I don’t know about you guys, but April kind of came blazing in. After having my mom visit for almost two weeks it was nice spending time with her.

When I got serious about my business I added having a planner to help me achieve my goals. It gives me great satisfaction to cross something off my list for the day, week, or month.


1- Finish listening to Racheal Girl Stop Apologizing

2- Stick with Keto for a whole month straight!!

3- No unnecessary target runs.

4- Go to the beach once a week.

5- Learn how to apply false lashes LOL.


1- Start blogging more regularly.

2- File my taxes .. by April 10th. Lol!

3- Clean out my client closet.

4- Organize/update my calendar.

5- Book the last 3 sessions for May.

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