5 Tips To Style For A Professional Family Session – Hawaii Family Photographer

Okay, so you’ve booked your photographer and you’re wondering WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?! I’m here to give you 5 tips to help you out!


1- Find a color palette that you love, and choose outfits that complement each other.


2- Mamas .. find YOUR outfit first. Make sure you’re comfortable, and feel beautiful in it. No point in buying something that looks nice, but makes you feel insecure. Trust me it will be 100xs smoother to coordinate everyone else according to your outfit than vice versa.


3- Stay away from big pop of colors. Instead go with a softer color palette that carriers different ranges in the same color.


4- Stay away from blue jeans and a white shirt for everyone in the family. Allow their personality to shine.


5- Avoid: Large logos, neon colors, and large text.


Did you know I travel + I have many more tips included in your welcome magazine when you book with me?

I’m here to help you put your perfect outfit together. I’m really involved with wardrobe and have a small selection for you to use.

Whether you email, text, or FaceTime to show me your outfits I’m here for you.

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