5 Tips To Finding Your Perfect Photographer In 5 Minutes – Hawaii Family Photographer

I’m here to make it MUCH easier to find your perfect photographer in just 5 minutes!


1- Budget
Listen .. everyone has a budget and that’s absolutely fine. When you’re ready to find a photographer have your budget in mind. This helps you eliminate falling in love with someone who may not be within your reach. Cuts your time in half because you’re not clicking through links just to see they might not be the photographer you’re looking for.


2- Details:

Provide in depth details like what type of session, date if any, style preferred and budget. This really helps you eliminate time to finding the right photographer for you. It allows only those who fit your criteria to comment.


Example of how to write a ISO post:
“I’m searching for a lifestyle photographer for a family session. I was thinking May 15, but I’m flexible. My budget is up to $500, and I’d love someone who could offer payment plans.”


3- Portfolio/ Social media scan:

Make sure you’re looking through the photographers portfolio. Scan their social media to make sure their work is consistent, and something you absolutely love. Don’t book someone solely based on price if you don’t love their work. You will most likely be disappointed when you get your gallery back.



4- Style:

Think of what it is you love about other images you’ve seen. What exactly is it that you would love for your family? lifestyle? posed? mixture? moody? bright? colorful? no preference?


5- Communication:

Okay, so you narrowed it down to 2-3 photographers you love. DON’T GHOST! You may be asking what does that mean? It means don’t ask about availability, packages, get a date, and stop responding. This happens more often than not. We as photographers take the time to communicate with potential clients, and it’s really discouraging when our time isn’t respected. Things happen and that’s how just how life rolls. Don’t drag a conversation as if you’re booking when the intentions have changed. Maybe they have someone else inquiring about the date but they’re holding it off for your response. Just communicate to your photographer that maybe the timing isn’t right now, your budget has changed, or that you decided to go with someone else. Don’t be embarrassed to come to terms that it may not work out. We understand you more than you think. We will appreciate and respect if it’s communicated with us. Most of the time if I’m out of someone’s budget I actually refer them to someone who fits their needs.


I hope this helped a little! You’re spending your hard money to capture a lifetime of memories. So make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for. Are you in Hawaii? California? Shoot me a message, and let’s book your story.

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