5 Things ALL Photographers Want You To Know- Hawaii Family Photographer

Let’s tackle some of things your photographer really wants you to know.



1- “I’m not paying an arm and a leg for one hour”

Oh man I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard things like “arm and a leg, reasonable priced, cheap but good”.

Let me break it down really quick. You’re paying for WAY more than just an hour. Initial consultation (1hr) Drive there/back (1.5hr), actual shoot (1hr), editing (3-5 hr). I know it feels like a one hour service, but it’s really more than that.



2- “You charge to much to click the camera”

GASP! This goes hand in hand with the above statement. We’re always working! From the time we communicate to set up a session, driving, actual session, and editing.

The camera takes the picture, but it does not create it. We do.

We’re charging a profitable legal and living rate.



3- Photoshop isn’t our best friend.

“You can just photoshop that out right?” Control what you can. Check hair ties, hair, chipped nail polish, hair roots, bra straps, stained shirt etc.

I will absolutely do what I need to do to make you look amazing. I will enhance your beauty not correct every single image. Check what you can control.



4- Trust us.

Open the line of trust. I know this is a two way street and it’s my job to make you comfortable with me. But trust and listen to the direction your photographer gives.

Let that hair blow to create some movement. Stop fusing with your hair, because we can’t control the wind anyways. You look beautiful I promise!



5- This is a special day.

Treat the day of your session with much love. Don’t waste your money on your special session. Doll up! Do your hair, make up (if you want), and buy that beautiful dress you’ve been eyeing. Nothing is over the top! These are your vision and you can make it what you want.

Trust the process, and have fun beautiful.

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