5 Quick Tips For Planning Your Wedding In Hawaii


1- Figure out your budget. This helps so you don’t fall in love with a certain venue to later realize your finances can’t cover it. It narrows down the places that are within your budget.


2- Visit Hawaii .. I know it sounds weird (if you’re already in Hawaii), but really try to visit the island(s) before having your wedding. Their are several islands, and each one offers something unique. Explore the area, and the venues that have sparked your interest.



3- Loyalty or Club Member of a hotel? Hawaii has several chain hotels like Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton etc. Talk to a rep, and discuss if they offer any discounts for certain members.


4- Hire a wedding planner: Most venues offer a wedding planner, but if they don’t… I really recommend that you hire one. Planning a wedding from miles away, or just in general is A LOT of work. Get the help wherever you can.



5- Ultimate Location: Did you want your wedding beach side? Church? Or Inside? Knowing your ideal location will help narrow down where to look.

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