10 Random Facts About Hawaii Family Photographer Leslie Carbajal

Get To Know Hawaii Family Photographer Leslie Carbajal In 5 Minutes



1- I like to make my clients my friends, or feel like they’re my family. I mean if you trust me you’ll definitely open up more during your session with me.

I will follow you on Instagram cheer your family on, and comment on your feed. Time to time I may even tag you in anything that reminds me of you. So don’t feel offended or creeped out haha.


2- Favorite Chocolate Bar: Bring me a white buttercup or Hershey’s cookies + cream.


3- Tv Guilty Pleasure: Mtv’s The Challenge!


4- I have a thing for donuts.. especially pink frosted with sprinkles OR the sour cream donuts.


5- I can’t nap.… lol I have a REALLY hard time tuning things out (especially light).


6- I’ve never seen the Lion King! Yikes .. I know .. I know


7- I was born in South America, and I can read, speak, and write fluently in Spanish.


8- I don’t drink coffee, soda, juice or tea. I’m a hot chocolate or water type of girl.


I will occasionally take an iced unsweetened passion fruit tea lemonade from Starbucks


9- I had a home water birth .. in the middle of labor the UPS man tried to deliver a package haha.


10- I want 4-5 kids!! Call me crazy I know haha.



Photo Credits to: New Wave Photography + Cantu Captured Photography  

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